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Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Tillie Kaufmann

Welcome to the new school year!!

WELCOME . . .  schoolhouse
to your child's Kindergarten school year and the class web site!   I am quite excited about working with your child and you.   I will be updating these pages throughout the school year, as another way to communicate to the parents and community about the happenings in the classroom. 
We will be learning a great many skills this year, like READING  and WRITING, and concepts in MATH, SCIENCE, and SOCIAL STUDIES!!  
Please read the monthly Class Newsletter link, which will tell you about things going on in the classroom each month...learning and special activities!!  The Learning Experiences link (photos/slideshows) will be added to or changed from time to time.   The General Class Information link with general classroom information and the Respectful Robins' Rules link with class/school rules should stay the same throughout the year.   These two links may answer many of the questions you have about activities, procedures, rules, expectations, etc. we go!!   schoolbus