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Welcome to School

Welcome to Room 303---

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year and the class web site!  I am quite excited about working with your child and you.  Throughout the school year, I will be maintaining a web site as another means to communicate to the parents and the community about what is happening in our classroom and the school.  This will be my thirteenth year of maintaining a site.  There will be several links that you will be able to use throughout the school year.  Three of the links will not change and that will be the Daily Schedule, Supply List, and the Classroom Routines.   Please refer to the Classroom Routines to find out about the Round Trip Folder, Spelling tests, information needed on bus notes, homework, ice cream, absences, purchasing lunch, and morning snack.
    Each week, I will send home the hard copy of the Weekly Report and Homework Assignment Sheet, which will have the Word Lists for Spelling.  The web page with the links is a backup source for the members of the class who have a computer with Internet accessibility should their hard copies be misplaced.
****Any questions about the Weekly Report or other school concerns, please contact me by telephone (540) 459-5155 or by email.  My email address is pgspiggle@shenandoah.k12.va.us.