Respectful Robin
Respectful Robin Award
Dear Parents,

We have a behavior plan called "Respectful Robins' Rules" in our classroom. Some elements of this program are "Character Counts!”, which includes six "Pillars of Character" or behavior characteristics: Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Citizenship.   We also have classroom and group rules which the students helped make at the beginning of the school year, and we have routines that the students have been learning during the past several weeks.   In different areas of the school we have other rules, such as in the halls, in the Cafeteria at lunch, recess playground safety rules, going to the buses, and in their BLOCK classes (music, P.E., art, library, computer lab), too.   We work on all these on a daily basis.

Our classroom has a Robin's house or nest and inside the house each student has a robin with his/her name on it.   When students follow school/classroom rules by making good choices and/or doing “Good Deeds”, their robin will stay in the birdhouse all day and they will bring home a Robin Award.   When they do not make good choices, their robins will be moved to a nest with a "warning" sign on it.   This creates the opportunity for them to think about their behaviors.   If students continue to not make good choices, their robins can be moved to a "5 minutes" nest, a "10 minutes" nest and then a "????" nest.   The five and ten minutes nests will require the students to take a "time-out" during group/ calendar, centers, or math games times.   During the "time-out", they will have time to think about their behaviors, and talk with the teacher or assistant about the not good choices.   Movement to the "????" nest may mean a lengthier discussion with the teacher/assistant, a visit to the principal's office, a letter home or a call home, depending on the severity of the behaviors. 

In our classroom, we also incorporate some “Love and Logic” strategies, such as giving them choices in various situations to help them learn to make good ones.   This helps children to learn to be responsible for what they do and how they act in different situations.

Starting next week, we are sending home a "Good Deeds & Respectful Robin Award” with each child at the end of the day, if their robins were not removed from the class bird house with check(s) by their good deeds.   If their robins moved, then a note about what they need to work on…and a “Good Deed” noted, too.   Please praise your child for a job well done when you see these awards.   You may want to do something special with the awards, such as have your child collect and display them, count them, make a graph of them (skills your child will be working on in Math this year).   If your child brings home a warning or other needs work Robin, his/her Robin was removed…please talk with him/her about that day's behavior.   Parents, please make it a big deal when these “Good Deeds & Respectful Robin Awards” come it truly is a big deal for kindergartners!!   PLEASE NOTE:  Occasionally, events happen near the end of the day that may prevent us from sending Robin Awards for that day, but we try not to let that happen too often…thank you for understanding!! 

I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of this program.   IF WE WORK TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE IT A POSITIVELY GREAT YEAR FOR YOUR CHILD!!


Tillie Kaufmann, Teacher
Sheila Trelawny, Instructional Assistant