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We invite you to visit the hotlists we've created through the use of Portaportal. These lists showcase some of the valuable resources we have located and want to share with students, parents, and other teachers.

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Becky Kilby, 1st Grade Teacher- id:

Donna Babcock, 4th Grade Teacher - id: dmbabcock

Anna Bartley, ESL Teacher - id: abartley

Terri Brandon, 1st Grade Teacher - id: tlbrandon

Melissa Dodge, 1st Grade Teacher - id: melissadodge

Aimee Heishman, KG Teacher - id: aheishman

Marianne Houff, Music Instructor - id: mnhouff

Robin Junkins, GATE Resource Specialist - id: ravenscroft

Mary Kent, 3rd Grade Teacher - id: mlkent

Jennifer Mason, 1st Grade Teacher - jlmason

Becky Lytton, retired GATE Resource Specialist - id: bwlytton

Cheryl Morgan, 4th Grade Teacher - id: cmorgan

Becky Reynolds, 2nd Grade Teacher - id: rwreynolds

Virginia Stultz, Former Computer Teacher - id: stultzvb

Stephanie Throneburg, 5th Grade Teacher - id: sthroneburg

Leslie Whetzel, 3rd Grade Teacher - id: mrswhetzel

Cassie Fultz, 5th Grade Teacher- id: clfultz

5th Grade Social Studies Sites - id: wwrhistory

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